Alessandra Di Ronza

Alessandra Di Ronza is an Italian photographer based in the UK, whose work is dedicated to capturing the beauty and fragility of the natural world, with a particular focus on environmental issues and raising awareness about pollution. In her recent projects, she has turned her attention to the issue of micro-plastic pollution in domestic environments.

Through her lens, Alessandra conveys the struggles of nature and the impact of human behavior on the planet, inviting viewers to reflect on their own role in the environment and how their actions impact the planet. Her self-reflective approach not only raises awareness about environmental issues, but also explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural world.

Alessandra’s academic journey in photography began in 2011 when she graduated from Liceo Artistico “Giovanni Sello” in Udine, Italy, with a diploma in Photography and Cinematography. Later, she pursued her undergraduate studies in photography at LABA in Florence, earning her Bachelor’s degree in 2018. To further enhance her skills and knowledge in the field, Alessandra completed a Master of Arts in Fine Art Photography from the University of Westminster in 2022. Her academic background, combined with her passion for the natural world, has helped her create visually stunning work that captures the essence of our environment and raises awareness about the impact of human behavior on the planet.


Exhibitions and Publications    

  • “Unpleasant Plastic”  and Biography published at Aesthetica Magazine Issue 112 (2023)
  • “Unpleasant Plastic” published at Source, graduated photography online (2022)
  • “Unpleasant Plastic” at “Look Again” exhibition, Ambika P3, London, UK (2022)
  • “Human Traces” at Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi, China  (2022)
  • “Human Traces” at “The Art of Self- Regulation” on-line exhibition, Holy Art Gallery, London, UK (2021)
  • “The Sublime” at “Aldilà” exhibition, M.A.D.S Gallery, Milan, Italy (2021)
  • “The Sublime” at “Aldilà” exhibition, M.A.D.S Gallery,Fuerteventura, Spain (2021)
  • “Human traces” at  Work in Progress Show, University Westminster, London, UK (2021) 
  • “Il Sublime in un paesaggio contaminato dall’uomo”, published by Valter Iannetti in “Paesaggi invisibili fotografati in infrarossi”, Black Camera, Rolling Stones Italia (2020).