The sublime in a man-alterate landscape

Today it seems like Nature is our guest when in reality we are her guests. Nature resists our interventions, to our badness. The sublime in the eighteenth century was a feeling that brought questions to the painter about his existence, his value in front of the greatness of nature. In this project the sublime made me questions like : What are we doing? Does everything have a limit? How majestic can Nature be that shows us its grandeur despite our interventions? So the sublime is not only the feeling of fair about human hands but it’s also something astonishing towards nature and its resistance. The project is made with infrared film because infrared was used to go over the visible and in this case is used to see the daily themes we don’t notice easily. I use the infrared to underline the Equivalents and express my inner feelings towards the pictures. I have subconsciously compared my personal struggle with that of nature: it is not difficult to change because what happens in life, it is difficult to preserve the positive sides of ourselves despite the events. So I compared natures resistance from the human desire to domesticate it and in my fight for freedom in one rigid society