Human traces​

We fooled ourselves!

Nature is a wonderful place which is hosting us without asking anything back. Instead, it is absurd how humans have treated Nature with such disrespect: trashing places, generating pollution and producing objects with a long decomposition time. For example, we created long-term materials to help ourselves during our existence such as plastic, which a lot of people use but without recycling it or without thinking of reusing it. The lack of care for an environment which has always given us all its resources brings us to a point of no return. The pollution we created over the years and we still create right now is unbelievable. Over time, this misbehaviour affected even common areas and not only remote places far away from our eyes. The dirt left by more than one person became something even more impossible to avoid. The creation of materials that take a long time to decompose combined with humans’ bad behaviour is the cause of the birth of a hostile environment for every living being. My project unfolds as I walk around London, but this is a problem that unites the whole world. This project has shown the misbehaviour of humans leaving their traces or rather their waste over time. The use of overlapping frames introduces the fourth dimension which is time. This concept takes inspiration from the analytical cubism, where multiple sides of reality are shown in a single moment.