Unpleasant plastic

Our homes are often thought of as safe spaces, but even they are not immune to plastic pollution. Micro and nano-plastics, which are invisible to the naked eye, are a common presence in our domestic environments. To raise awareness of this issue, I have used photography to make the invisible visible. By taking pictures of filtered products under a microscope, I have captured the tiny particles of plastic that pervade our private spaces.

Human traces

We fooled ourselves! Nature is a wonderful place which is hosting us without asking anything back. Instead, it is absurd how humans have treated Nature with such disrespect: trashing places, generating pollution and producing objects with a long decomposition time.

The sublime in a man-alterate landscape

Today it seems like Nature is our guest when in reality we are her guests. Nature resists our interventions, to our badness.

Blody London

A play with sounds that remind the expression “Bloody Hell” an interjection of either amazed awe or sudden anger. An anger I felt living for few times in London, here represented anonymously.

Nature Revenge

A revenge from Nature that sometimes it goes unnoticed to get back its place and dominate human works.